Work and Labor – Transdisciplinary Studies for the 21st Century

The peer-reviewed Book Series Work and Labor: Transdisciplinary Studies for the 21st Century contributes to an emerging field of inquiry drawing from the insights of transnational history, geography, anthropology, and sociology. The Series seeks fresh perspectives on: structures, cultures, and habitats of working lives; regimes of value in capitalist, state-socialist, and developmental contexts; structures and practices of power and inequality that undergird them; situated biographies, constructed within and against such structures and practices; and transnational inequalities and geographies of labor and capital.

Work and Labor also publishes local and regional case studies of work, whether within or outside Central and Eastern Europe, that specialize in any relevant empirical field or combination of fields, including migration, urbanism, family and community, gender and other categories of difference, state policies, social movements, union politics and labor activism, and past and present crises of labor and hegemony.

Editorial Board:
Eszter Bartha, Adrian Grama, Don Kalb, David Ost, Susan Zimmermann

Inquiries and submission of manuscripts:
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Goran Musić
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