Critical Approaches to Southeast Europe: A Cross-Disciplinary Series

Series Editors:
Eric Gordy, University College London
Věra Stojarová, Masaryk University
Dejan Jović, University of Zagreb

This new series aims to catalyze and showcase social research that is built on engagement and
interaction at the ground level in Southeast Europe. It will provide a space for the publication of interdisciplinary work, and for social science research based on fieldwork. The series will take a comparative and critical approach, and will look at how Southeast Europe is viewed by others and how researchers from Southeast Europe see their region compared to others. It will also take an “insideoutside” perspective, addressing issues such as knowledge production about Southeast Europe; center-periphery relations; the position of the region in the globalized international system; and the memory of empire.

• To encourage and increase the methodological and theoretical diversity of the study of South-East Europe
• To encourage interdisciplinary and comparative approach in studying the region
• To promote the visibility of early career scholars, scholars from the region, and scholars elaborating the perspectives of underrepresented groups

Topics of relevance to the series might include:

  • Emergent forms of political and social organization in Southeast Europe
  • New responses to globalization
  • New urban landscapes in Southeast Europe
  • Emerging perspectives on the demise of “transition” and the direction of history
  • Changing identities and interests, beyond ethnicity
  • Transformations of religion, education, and culture
  • Peace and security in Southeast Europe
  • Production knowledge about Southeast Europe
  • Informality and informal networks in Southeast Europe
  • (Failed) peacebuilding and statebuilding in the Balkans
  • Global center, periphery and the position of Southeast Europe
  • The memory of empires in Southeast Europe

Acquisitions Editor (History): 
Jen McCall
Acquisitions Editor (Politics): 
Tony Mason

Eric Gordy
Alena Ledeneva
Predrag Cvetičanin
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