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How did we get to the precarious state that we find ourselves in? What new thinking is needed to solve the big problems of the day? Characterized by our commitment to democracy, freedom and open society, and to mark our 30th anniversary year, we are announcing a major new series of short books on the big ideas which shape our world today.

Publishing in paperback, these are accessibly written concise works, offering new angles and perspectives on some of the biggest challenges facing our world. Books in the series examine topics and themes including extremism, populism and censorship; technology, politics and society; geopolitics; global history and decolonialization; climate, population, food, energy; family, sex, and identity.

What will make a CEU Press Perspectives title?

  • These are short books of between 25 and 45k words
  • Accessibly written and of interest to a broad audience
  • They challenge thinking or offers up a new perspective on a given subject
  • They may present the distillation of many years’ research in an accessible way
  • They encourage well-informed and civilized debate on a controversial topic – they open a dialogue
  • They cover a timely or particularly topical subject

Forthcoming volumes in the series:

  • Per Högselius and Achim Klüppelberg, The Soviet Nuclear Archipelago: A Historical Geography of Atomic-Powered Communism
  • Eric Fassin, State Anti-Intellectualism and the Politics of Race: Illiberal France and Beyond
  • Matt Qvortrup, The Political Brain: The Emergence of Neuropolitics
  • Mary Kaldor: Thinking About War and Peace
  • András Bozóki: The Role of Intellectuals in Society

We are actively seeking new proposals and invite you to submit your idea to us. For more information and to receive a CEU Perspectives proposal form please contact:

Linda Kunos, Senior Editor:

Anthony Mason, Acquisitions Editor, Politics: 

Jen McCall, Acquisitions Editor, History and Interdisciplinary Social Sciences: 

Per Högselius
Achim Klüppelberg
$21.95 / €18.95 / £15.95
Matt Qvortrup
$17.95 / €13.95 / £11.99