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"Cybriwsky’s book is a passionate plea for a sound environmental policy, ecological education, and development of tourism on and around the river, which is so 'wonderfully positioned to show off the country’s scenery, history, culture, and cities.' He is confident that 'Ukraine’s future is tied closely to the future of Ukraine’s River' and that Ukraine’s professed European course cannot be achieved without adopting European standards of air and water quality, recycling, pollution control, and responsible ecological behavior. Considering both the practical and symbolic significance of the Dnipro for Ukraine and Ukrainians, restoring the river, the author argues, 'should become a national crusade.' The book is really a pioneer work on the topic, and can be praised as informative, competent, well-structured, and wellstocked with apt facts and interpretations of rather complex phenomena and developments. It could serve as a valuable reference book or even a guidebook. The author, a professor of geography and urban studies at Temple University, is well aware of the complexity of the genre that he has chosen, and of the high standards established by some of the authors he acknowledges in the preface."
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Roman Adrian Cybriwsky
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