Sprawy Narodowościowe

"In The Long 1989, the breakthrough of that year is presented not just as past events but as multifaceted processes that are still in progress in different places around the globe. The authors show a variety of changes all over the world that were affected by the changeover in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as Western influences that determined and shaped the last revolution in the twentieth century. They trace the diffusion of the idea under scrutiny in spatial and temporal terms, showing various ways of understanding the concept of revolution and, to some extent, presenting semantic tensions between the concept of revolution and counterrevolution. In this way, the publication contributes to the field of history of ideas. By showing entangled paths of this wandering idea of peaceful revolution and examining the nature of the post-1989 world order, the authors present revolutions of 1989 as a cultural and political pattern. As they trace the diffusion of the idea under scrutiny spatially and temporally, the volume could also serve as a handbook of exploring migrating ideas in their meandering historical and social semantics."
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Piotr H. Kosicki
Kyrill Kunakhovich
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