"The collection offers much more than an outline of the present state of utopian studies. In fact, the book is a sincere confrontation with the tormenting questions shaping the present-day identity of the area: how to treat the concept of utopia at a point in history where our notions have already been contaminated by the bitter experience of twentieth-century totalitarian regimes? Is utopia capable of having any meaningful social function in a post-Communist epoch, particularly in a Central-European setting? Is there any use to utopias or are we now simply beyond this seriously abused concept? These troubling questions are answered by the volume with important theoretical considerations, in-depth historical contextualisation, and practical textual analyses, eventually confirming the legitimacy of the concept in contemporary literature and thinking. The proposed answers are all the more convincing because they come from two different areas: social sciences and literary studies, fostering a closer collaboration between two branches of utopian studies that far too often fail to engage in proper dialogue."
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Zsolt Czigányik
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