Slavic Review

"Ultimately both The Global 1989 and The Long 1989 are best viewed as studies in transnational history, or more precisely, transregional history, simply because their very theme, 1989, is regionally defined. Both works transcend any narrowly defined regional perspective and overcome purely internalist explanations, but ultimately still fail to reckon with the global as a theoretically construed totality, and thus privilege the connective aspects of the global history of 1989 at the expense of partly neglecting the integrative ones. None of this distracts from the fact that The Global 1989 is probably the best transregional history of 1989 one can read today, and The Long 1989 is the best in-depth companion to it on select topics."
Reviewed book: 
Piotr H. Kosicki
Kyrill Kunakhovich
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