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"The 'race to modernity,' as the editors of this excellent collection of case studies put it, was frequently an effort to catch up, to overcome the apparent backwardness of their situation in a rapidly changing global climate, and to become, in the parlance of the day, more 'European.' But, as Jan Behrends and Martin Kohlrausch also argue, the experience of modernity was by no means unilinear and nor were the conditions in which these cities modernized the same. The cities described in this volume, which range from Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas, Moscow, Wilno, Warsaw, and Kyiv in the north to Zagreb, Belgrade, Sofia, and Athens in the south, exhibited alternate manifestations of modernity, from suspicion and botched planning to various creative strategies that took advantage of their peripheral position."
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Jan C. Behrends
Martin Kohlrausch
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