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"This collection of twenty-two chapters brings together major intellectuals and scholars, along with emerging names from a younger cohort, in order to address questions surrounding the causes, historicization, and impact of 1989. It is divided into four sections: “Memories and Legacies of 1989,” “Moving Away from the Cold War,” “Eastern Europe in 1989,” and “Aftermaths of Extraordinary Times.” The book engages with some important debates. One of these concerns the significance of 1989 as part of global history. A number of pieces address the relationship between “top-down” and “popular” explanations for the fall of state socialism. A succession of chapters on lustration, justice, and memory make for a strong closing section to the volume. there is much to recommend: it engages in important debates, provides some provocative interventions, suggests interesting approaches to the study of 1989, and includes some effective overviews of the latest in the literature."
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Vladimir Tismaneanu
Bogdan C. Iacob
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