Slavic Review

"The volume is largely successful in offering a useful guide to “the struggle for values in Serbia”. It is admirable that it includes contributions by those who are in a sense fighting in the very trenches of Serbian politics, but if the main utility of such volumes is in providing a useful map of the struggle, then the “view from the trenches” might not be too useful. A number of contributors in this volume tend to vacillate between outlining and analyzing, on the one hand, and anguished lamenting on the other. This reviewer tends to share their values and condemn the same enemies but finds the more judgmental chapters less useful for navigating the battlefi eld than the chapters that try to abstain from overt judgments. The best are those that are both in the trenches and able to rise above them for a more synoptic survey of the battlefield. A number of contributors do that admirably. Even better, when such a trench-fighter as Čolović analyzes his own ironic distance we get a welcome breather—a glimpse of Serbia not only as a seething pit of uncivic values, a quagmire of stubborn antimodernism, but as a place where there is even laughter."
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Sabrina P. Ramet
Ola Listhaug
Dragana Dulić
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