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"The translators have succeeded well in their stated task of keeping as close as possible to the 'style and wording of the original, while still offering a readable and idiomatic English version'. While employing a translation method that is not a slave to literalness they have escaped the distortions and anachronisms that often befall such an open approach. Good defenses are provided for translations of passages that are difficult or that have significant ambiguity or possible dual interpretations. The reader who must rely solely on the English will appreciate the readable, naturally flowing language and the assurance that it does not sacrifice the meaning of the original. ... Probably the most important aspect of this book is its very appearance. As the first complete translation of the Gesta into English it opens up the traditions of these manuscripts to a very broad audience and will assuredly make a heretofore potential audience aware of the existence of this central document of European history. While its readership will generally be historians, the ready availability of this text to a broader audience will give medievalists of all inclinations and many fields access to an invaluable resource."
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János M. Bak
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