Psychoanalysis and History

"While the psy-sciences (psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, pedagogy, criminology, special education, etc.) have been studied from historical and political angles before, this volume stands out in its distinct focus on the specifics of the process in Central and Eastern Europe. On the one hand, this part of the world represents the intellectual cradle of psychoanalysis. On the other, much less is known about the biographies and conceptual developments associated with specific individuals, in particular as their thought and activities confronted changing regimes and ideologies. An especially productive aspect of Psychology and Politics is its engagement with primary historical sources around the development of early psychoanalysis and psychology. The most compelling essays in this collection manage to successfully attend to the tension between individual fates and ideas, and larger historical forces. It is interesting to see how now, in times of increasing populism and nationalism, we are turning to the experience of these countries, following how they grapple with attacks on academic subjects such as gender studies, for example, or intellectual freedoms in general, in solidarity as well as out of a desire to learn from their experiences of resisting contemporary structures of authority."
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Anna Borgos
Júlia Gyimesi
Ferenc Erős
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