Journal of Religion in Europe

"The strongest aspect of the volume is that it problematizes such clichés in connection with Eastern Europe, as for instance the image of homogenous Catholic Poland and the church-destroyer communist Romania. The methodological approaches are various, and often multidisciplinary: Galia Valtchinova applies anthropological viewpoints; the inquiry by Katharina Kunther involves theological aspects and the essay by Bruce R. Berglund intersects with geography. In the contributions which focus on “bottom up” topics, like the essays of Natalia Schlikhta, David Doellinger and Anca Sincan, oral history as a device also plays a role. A valuable volume of thought-provoking contributions. The richness and diversity of the studied topics testifies to the wide range of opportunities in researching Eastern Europe which have not been paid enough attention so far."
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Bruce R. Berglund
Brian Porter-Szűcs
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