Journal of Greek Archaeology

"This volume derives from the editors’ desire to stimulate interest in the fascinating medieval town of Famagusta, located on the east coast of Cyprus, and to underpin the urgency in saving its valuable heritage. In their introduction the editors write that they and the contributors hope this book will ‘underpin the urgency of saving Famagusta’s valuable heritage’. In this they have undoubtedly succeeded. The volume brings to light the fascinating history of Cyprus, and Famagusta in particular, during the later Middle Ages. A real strength is its combination of micro and macro histories drawn from a wealth of material, ranging from archives to architecture. This volume serves a real purpose and thanks to its very specific time-frame and focus on Famagusta, it has a coherency and rationale that makes it an interesting read for any scholar of the eastern Mediterranean."
Reviewed book: 
Michael J.K. Walsh
Tamás Kiss
Nicholas Coureas
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