Ivan Szelenyi, Yale University

“Nation and Migration is a pioneering book. Using migration as the central focus, Csepeli and Örkény made their earlier research on the topic even more relevant to our contemporary problems. They use an exceptionally rich database and manage to offer an analysis which is exemplary by the standards of the international literature on the question of nationalism, ethnicity, xenophobia and migration. The book is inspired by the work of Jenő Szűcs on the ‘three regions of Europe,’ but they move in a creative was beyond Szűcs, by distinguishing six rather than just three regions of Europe. They see the ‘West’ as divided between the Center, the South, the North and Great Britain. As one could anticipate, the North (Sweden) was the most inclusive for ‘others,’ and Great Britain was more exclusive, much like Eastern Europe and South Eastern Europe.”
Reviewed book: 
György Csepeli
Antal Örkény
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