Europe-Asia Studies

"The approach taken in this monograph differs from that of traditional ‘transitology research’. It uncovers the rich intellectual landscape of post-1989 Eastern and Central Europe and offers an insider’s view to understanding the transformations, their origins, dynamics and consequences. Emphasis is placed on the conceptual foundations, trajectories and implications of intellectual history. The strong point of the book is that it tries to create a critical distance from the ‘transition period’ and ‘post-socialism era’, the conventional approaches in post-1989 ECE research. The authors impose on themselves exploratory objectives of analysis, their intention being to provoke scholarly debate and further investigation. This publication brings us closer to the historicity of the post-1989 period in ECE. The intellectual history of post-socialism contributes to a better understanding of the key political ideas developing and evolving in the post-socialist period. The book demonstrates sensitivity to regional dynamism and it brings exploratory value to the field."
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Michal Kopeček
Piotr Wciślik
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