Études Balkaniques

"Dimou has a three-fold analytical strategy: firstly to examine the correlation between the Balkan context and the socialist ideology; secondly, to discuss the process of transfer and adaptation of socialist paradigms and thirdly, to explore the potential dynamic that socialism generated as a political option in the three South East European societies. The book is cleverly planned and skillfully accomplished. The three case studies follow chronologically one after the other, illuminating the porblem of the transfer and adaptation of the socialist paradigm at different stages in the three different countries. This is a rich book, profoundly and thoroughly researched, covering a considerable portion of modern Balkan history. The range of the subject is impressive; the narrative is presented with great erudition and sophistication... the book is Balkanology at its best: each of the stories can be measured and properly understood against the others, like for instance Bulgarian agrarianism versus the Serb Radicals, or Blagoev versus Skleros."
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Augusta Dimou
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