Elena Marushiakova (Associate Professor) and Veselin Popov (Associate Professor), Institute for Ethnology and Folklore Studies and Ethnographic Museum, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

"Ten Years After examines the social processes and governmental policies which have an impact on the development of the Roma communities. Beyond the discussion of the specific topic of school desegregation, the variety of views presented in the book provide an unambiguous answer to the question what should be the leading approach of the various policies and projects directed towards Roma in Central and Eastern Europe, in order to avoid their treatment as marginalised or as exotic community. The process of school desegregation epitomises the choices that Roma make within the larger societies. Understanding these choices is critical for the social emancipation of Roma and for their equal citizenship in the European societies. The book is an invaluable contribution to contemporary Romani studies and will be of interest for wide audience of scholars and policy makers.”
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Iulius Rostas
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