Canadian Slavonic Papers / Revue canadienne des slavistes

"Vladimir Tismaneanu wrote the volume’s introduction. In it he not only summarized all the contributions, but also reminded us that 1968 was a “transnational movement of revolt against the status quo beyond the East-West divide” (p. 1) which, ironically, led to liberalism reasserting itself in a revival of democracy in the West and to the eventual disintegration of communism in the East. In the book’s conclusion, Charles S. Maier, an historian at Harvard University, opined that the 1960s were a reaction to the previous decades by young people who rejected the discipline of their elders. 1968 was also a repudiation of the Yalta Agreement of 1944 by which the USA and the Soviet Union tried to control the world. The rebels of 1968 felt alienated by their societies and sought self-fulfilment in various ways. These papers are a good introduction to 1968 in Europe."
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Vladimir Tismaneanu
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