Antisemitism Studies

"This book amply documents the seemingly arbitrary and irrational antisemitism of the postwar regime at all levels. Officials fought hard not to return synagogue buildings to the Jewish community; cemeteries were routinely and blithely destroyed, and even turned into pig farms while their monuments were used to construct monuments to Lenin. Astonishingly, in the immediate aftermath of the war, Jews dominated some sectors of Belarusian society, though they were but 1.6 percent of the population. Smilovitsky shows that in 1946–1947, nearly two-thirds of the lecturers and professors in Belarus’ law schools were Jews, as were just about half of those in medical schools. Leonid Smilovitsky has brought to light the concrete ways in which state-sponsored, Stalinist antisemitism was implemented on all levels in the Belorussian Soviet Socialist Republic, just after the Jews of the area had been devastated by the great enemy of Stalin."
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Leonid Smilovitsky
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