Andrew Thompson, Professor of Modern History and Director of the Centre for Imperial and Global History, University of Exeter

"The relationship between empire and nation-building is ripe for rethinking. This highly original volume argues with great cogency and conviction that, far from nations simply growing out of declining and dissolving empires, these two forms of political belonging were intricately if complicatedly entwined throughout the nineteenth century. Nations—aspirant as well as actual—were conceived and forged in the crucible of those great ethno-cultural formations we call empires. Imperial conceptions of nationality and new nationalising visions of empire were symptomatic of an age when processes of nation- and empire-building ricocheted off each other in multiple ways. This volume has important implications for the historiography of nationalism and for the new imperial history. It makes powerful case for bringing these two strands of scholarship into much closer conversation with each other."
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Stefan Berger
Alexei Miller
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