Adnan Tufekčić, University of Tuzla

"This is a book about something that bears vital importance for the society itself, about something that has not been destroyed in the war and keeps surviving. Therefore, this is a book, first and foremost, about implicit culture of Bosnian spiritual space, about that part of culture of authentic living, which is in the basis of the most intimate and sensitive life experiences and events. I would like to add that this is a book about the most sensitive and vulnerable components of culture, but also, the most resilient elements which cannot be “spent” through time. This is, therefore, a book about that part of implicit culture, which, in Kolesnichenko's words, never depends on “leading political circumstances”, that is, on circumstances created by “the political system”, and which, like a snowdrop that grows on a piece of ground where snow has melted, finds its place among cruel, artificially made constructions of human society."
Reviewed book: 
Keith Doubt
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