Ab Imperio

"The excellent team of authors represents two generations of post-1989 women’s historians in CESEE, many of whom published path-breaking research in their respective countries. The main goal of this dictionary is to offer reliable information on the history of women’s movements and feminism in CESEE. The editors’ aim is to provide comparative materials for students and researchers looking at the history of feminism and the women’s movement from a transnational perspective. What unifies this project, is its political aim: to provide a “historical support” for contemporary feminism in the region by presenting it as a historical continuation of once interrupted indigenous women’s movements, rather than as simply a post-1989 Western ideological import. Thus, the project responds to the very real problem of the deepening and institutionalizing of gender inequality in the countries of the region (mostly post-communist ones)."
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Francisca de Haan
Krassimira Daskalova
Anna Loutfi
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