Examination, Desk, and Review Copies

Examination Copies

CEU Press is pleased to offer a 30% examination discount on all titles being considered for course adoption. Prepayment is required.

Desk Copies

College and university instructors are entitled to one complimentary desk copy of any book adopted for course use if 10 or more copies have been ordered by the college bookstore and the instructor has not previously received an examination copy. We cannot provide "desk copies" for use in departmental or institutional libraries.

Requests for desk copies should be sent on departmental letterhead or on a standardized university desk copy request form, and should include the title of book, instructor's name, title of course, semester and projected course enrollment, whether book is a required or recommended text, and name of bookstore and date text order was placed.

Please send your request on college letterhead to ceupress@press.ceu.edu

Review Copies

All requests for review copies should be sent to ceupress@press.ceu.edu