Open Access at CEU Press

Gold Open Access for Books and Chapters 

Our Gold Open Access books can be downloaded from the OAPEN, JSTOR, Project Muse, and Open Research Library platforms. 

In order to achieve ‘Gold’ Open Access, we require the payment of a Book Process Charge (BPC). This will typically be 8,000 (plus VAT, when applicable) for a standard book of up to 100,000 words. We are able to offer discounts to authors from Central and Eastern European institutions. Please contact Linda Kunos for more information. 

If you would like to make a chapter of a book Open Access this can be done through the payment of a Chapter Processing Charge (CPC). This will be calculated on the percentage of the book that is made up by the chapter. I.e. if the chapter makes up 10% of the book, the charge would be €800 (plus VAT, when applicable) for the typical 100,000 word length book. 

We ask authors whose works arise from a research grant to check if their grant mandates Open Access and provides funding for OA publications (articles, chapters, or books). There are other sources of funding, in some cases from an author’s parent institution, or we can submit your book to the Knowledge Unlatched project which gathers support from libraries to make books open. 

Green Open Access for books 

Our preferred conditions for Green Open Access are as below. However, if your grant stipulates different conditions please contact Linda Kunos at the start of your contract discussions. We recognize that grant conditions are changing and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements. 

We allow the pre-press version of the manuscript to be loaded in an institutional repository on the following basis: 

  • The ‘pre-press’ (i.e. original manuscript) can be uploaded at the author’s discretion 24 months after the publication of the CEU Press’s published version is available. 

  • There must be a link to CEU Press’s published version on the edition in the institutional repository. 

  • The CEU Press version cannot be uploaded. 

  • The institutional repository’s platform must be a non-commercial, non-profit platform. 


For books the most popular license is a CC BY-NC-ND license – which we recommend. This allows the work to be copied and shared but must carry attribution to the author. This restricts alteration in any way and does not allow the work to be put onto a commercial platform or printed and sold by anyone other than the original publisher – unless by mutual agreement. Please see the Creative Commons website  for further information on how these licenses operate. If you wish a less restrictive license or your research funder requires a different one, then please discuss with Linda Kunos. 


Do I have to pay to have my book published Open Access?  

Our Book Processing Charge (BPC) for Open Access publishing is EUR 8,000. If you have funding from a research grant or your institution, you can pay this BPC to us and make your title Open Access. If you do not have funding, there are a few other options:  

  • Knowledge Unlatched: we can refer your title to Knowledge Unlatched, a programme where libraries can pledge to support the Open Access transition of ebooks. 

  • Opening the Future: in this project, we raise funds from libraries through the subscription of backlist ebook packages, where the fees contribute to financing Open Access frontlist titles. If a title does not have alternative Open Access funding, it will be made Open Access through this programme automatically.  

  • We encourage our authors to try to get financing for Open Access publications from their research funders or institutions, so we can make as many titles as possible available Open Access 

Can I publish a chapter in an edited volume Open Access? 

Yes, we apply a pro-rata fee of our BPC based on the word count of the title and chapter. For example, if your chapter is 10% of a 100.000 word book, we would charge EUR 800.  

Will my Open Access ebook be made available in print? 

Yes, we make our Open Access books available in print format, and offer them for sale globally through our distribution network. They will be available via booksellers, our website, and online vendors like Amazon.  

Inclusion of third-party material 

Ideally, we would like to use existing CC licensed material or where permission to do so can be achieved. If you must include copyright material then there are a number of ways in which this can be handled. For example, it can be stated in the book that the material cannot be reused without permission. This is a fast-changing area of publishing and we suggest you contact Linda Kunos with specific queries. 

If I have a contract with you already can I move to Open Access if I have the funds? 

Please let us know as soon as possible if you have funds for Open Access publication charges. You can publish your book Open Access until one month before publication date.  

How does publishing Open Access impact on royalty payments? 

You will not receive any royalties for your Open Access ebook, as it is available to the global research community free of charge. You still receive royalties for any sales in print.  

How will Open Access impact sales to libraries? 

Your ebook will be available to academic libraries free of charge via one of our partners. We provide our Open Access ebooks to DOAB, MUSE, Open Research Library, OAPEN and JSTOR and ProQuest as well as De Gruyter, or, where applicable, they will be available via Knowledge Unlatched. We also make them available on our own platform. This means that there will be no income from ebook sales to libraries – however, they may still purchase the title in print.  

Can I choose to make my title available as Open Access after publication? 

This is currently not something we support, as it impacts all our partners who offer and sell our titles, and all customers who have purchased your book in electronic form. It is commonly referred to as double-dipping (earing money from sales of the ebook as well as receiving the APC charge from the author) - a practice we do not support. We can make your title Open Access up to one month before publication, so please let us know as soon as possible if you have funding. 

How can I get funding for publishing Open Access? 

Open Access publication is often a stipulation in any new research grants given by the big funding bodies around the world. Please refer to their funding application process and announcements, or speak to a funding expert at your institution.  

If you wish to publish Open Access, but do not have the funds available, we can refer your title to the Knowledge Unlatched Programme where libraries can pledge to support the Open Access transition of ebooks. Alternatively, it can be included in our Opening the Future (OtF) pilot project. 

What is the difference between Open Access (OA) and Opening the Future (OtF)? 

Opening the Future (OtF) is our pilot project to make Open Access a sustainable and affordable model for both smaller independent publishers and authors in the HSS subjects where funding for OA publication may be limited. The funding for the BPCs is raised by academic libraries who subscribe to packages of our backlist ebooks, and we use these subscription fees to publish up to 25 Open Access titles per year. Titles that have received funding from research grants or Knowledge Unlatched are not covered by any OtF funds.  

If your book with us has received an Open Access publication grant as part of your research project, you simply pay the BPC rate and your title is published Open Access outside of the OtF model. We strongly encourage our authors to continue securing BPCs as part of their research grant. 

What are the benefits of publishing Open Access?  

Please read our overview here.