We are pleased to announce that two forthcoming titles, An Older and More Beautiful Belgrade: A Visual Chronicle of the Milošević Era and More Nights Than Days: A Survey of Writings of Child Genocide Survivorswill be available as open access ebooks funded by CEU Press's Opening the Future program.

CEU Press cordially invites you to the book discussion of The Children’s Republic of Gaudiopolis: The History and Memory of a Children’s Home for Holocaust and War Orphans (1945–1950).

with GERGELY KUNT / Author, Research Fellow at the Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust-Studies and MICHAEL L. MILLER / Head of the CEU Nationalism Studies Program, co-founder of the CEU Jewish Studies program


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CEU Press is pleased to offer a 30% discount this month to celebrate the publication of its 500th title, Listening to the Languages of the People: Lazare Sainéan on Romanian, Yiddish, and French by Natalie Zemon Davis. The offer is valid for orders through our distributors HFS (U

CEU Press is delighted to announce, that  Engagement, Enlargement, and Confrontation: A New History of Eastern Europe will be open access in the KU Select 2023: HSS Frontlist Books collection, thanks to the support of libraries working with Knowledge Unlatched (KU).

Join us for the launch of our 500th title, Listening to the Languages of the People: Lazare Sainéan on Romanian, Yiddish, and French by Natalie Zemon Davis.

The book will be discussed by the author, Natalie Zemon Davis, Constantin Iordachi (CEU, History) and Gabor Klaniczay (CEU, Medieval Studies).The discussion will be moderated by Emily Poznanski (Director, CEU Press).

Join us for the book presentation by the author András Bozóki on his new book, Rolling Transition and the Role of Intellectuals. The presentation will be followed by a discussion between the author and IWM Rector Misha Glenny.

Time: Thursday, 26 January 2023, 18:00 CET Venue: SPITTELAUER LÄNDE 3, IWM Library, VIENNA, 1090

CEU Press is delighted to announce the launch of the CEU Press Podcast Series.

The series aims to delve into various aspects of the publishing process: from crafting a book proposal, finding a publisher, responding to peer review feedback on the manuscript, and the subsequent distribution, promotion and marketing of academic books. We will also talk to series editors and authors, who will share their experiences of getting published and talk about their series or books.

Dynamics of an Authoritarian System: Hungary, 2010–2021

Book launch with Leszek Balcerowicz, András Bozóki, and Béla Greskovits.

CEU Press is pleased to offer 30% discount for all hardback titles ordered through Hopkins Fulfillment Services with promo code LSHB, and 20% discount for all paperbacks with promo code LSPB. The offer is valid between 10 October and 30 November, 2022.