Yoko Aoshima

Yoko Aoshima is the author of, “Memoirs of Dmitri Milyutin,” 1861: The Age of Reforms and Challenges (Series: The Turning Point of the History, vol.9), Yamakawa Shuppansya, 2018.10, 128-175 (in Japanese); “The Paradigm of the Imperial Ruling: In the Case of “Confessional Engineering” in the Russian Empire,” in Yoshiro Ikeda, ed., Rethinking on Verfassungsgeschichte, Tosui Syobo, 2015, 121-157 (in Japanese); “The Great Reforms and Grasnost’,” in Takeshi Nakashima, ed., Rethinking Russian History Based on New Materials, Yamakawa Shuppansha, 2013, 32-52; “Between Indifference and Overreaction: A Note on “Narod Schools” in the Northwestern Provinces of the Russian Empire in the 1860s,” From Krakow to Vilnius, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, 2013, 37-46; “Professionals or Bureaucrats?: Pedagogues and the State During Russia’s Great Reforms.” Acta Slavia Iaponica 25, 2008, 89-111. She teaches at Kobe University, Japan. 

Edited by Yoko Aoshima

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Yoko Aoshima
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