CEU Review of Books

CEU Review of Books

Coming Soon – Winter 2022!

The CEU Review of Books will be the leading platform for reviews of the most exciting current scholarship on Central and Eastern Europe, the countries spanning from the Baltic to the Adriatic, and from the edges of Western Europe to the furthest regions of the post-Soviet Union.

This is a region shaped by multi-layered imperial legacies, large demographic and socio-political transformations, attempts at large-scale social engineering by authoritarian dictatorships. More recently, processes of political democratization and European integration have been undertaken with varying degrees of success.

Our aim is to showcase and amplify scholarship on the region, written in English and in the region’s languages, with special emphasis on important ideas that emerge from the region with global significance.  

Reflecting the shared values and intellectual strengths of our parent institution, the Central European University, the CEU Review of Books covers its full range of subjects in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The CEU Review of Books aims to be a beacon of academic excellence and a cauldron for new voices.

Our contributions will appeal to readers well beyond the academic community. We are commissioning reviews written in an engaging and accessible style. Alongside the reviews there will be Long Reads, mini-interviews and profiles of researchers and research projects.

For further inquiries, please contact the CEU Review of Books’ Managing Editor, Andrea Talaber (talabera@press.ceu.edu)