Women, Violence and War

Wartime Victimization of Refugees in the Balkans
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Out of print
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300 pages

Based on interviews with seventy women refugees, Women, Violence and War is a book about war as it is seen, lived and interpreted by women who were citizens of the former Yugoslavia.

Many of the accounts portray the horrific experiences the victims had to face and the book addresses issues of sexual, physical and psychological violence, as well as problems of confinement, upheaval and family separation. In a completely new insight the book dispels the myth that many of the women were peasants, and shows that in fact they were educated, middle-class women with independent careers. The study also depicts how some of the victims attempt to come to terms with the aftermath of wartime abuse.

This probing, accurate and unique investigation of victimization is an unparalleled volume that presents a completely new perspective maintaining that violence against women in war is not independent of peace-time victimization and the imbalance of power between sexes.



Chapter 1: A brief history of Bosnia Herzegovina (from its origins to the 1995 Dayton peace accords

Chapter 2: Definitions of violence in war and the experience of women: the research

Chapter 3: The method and the sample: a contribution to the feminist critique of methodology

Chapter 4: Sexual violence

Chapter 5: The Hague Tribunal and rape in the former Yugoslavia

Chapter 6: Physical abuse and homicide

Chapter 7: Psychological violence and fear in war, and their consequences for the psychological health of women

Chapter 8: Separation and dissolution of family

Chapter 9: Life in refuge – changes in socioeconomic and familiar status

Chapter 10: Social acceptance and the difficulties of adapting to a new environment

Chapter 11: Strategies of support and help



"...books such as Women, Violence and War are so important, because we need to be confronted. This collection is indeed confronting. Original, primary research and analyses translated into English, offers new insights on a timeless theme... more than a narrative tracing another dreadful chapter of history; the book offers valuable analysis of the crimes committed against women in former Yugoslavia and how this analysis fits into the established framework of argument concerning rape and violence against women in war."
"This book fills an important gap in our understanding of the way war affects women. The personal narratives are instructive and candid, and the analytical chapters point us in new directions. ...provides a truly unique perspective on the Yugoslavian conflict, and indeed, on conflict in general as it impacts the lives of women."