Women on the Polish Labor Market

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Can women succeed? Is women's work appreciated equally to men's? Do women's salaries reflect the quality and quantity of work they do? Does gender make a difference? These questions, which often emerge even in democratic societies and free-market economies, are much more acute in the new democracies of Central and Eastern Europe. Gender has been an issue thus far neglected in transition economies.

Drawing on official statistics, an international multidisciplinary team of sociologists, economists, demographers and geographers examines how women have been affected by the labor market reforms in Poland in the transition period of the 1990s. The issues discussed include occupational segregation, the social mobility of women, demographic change, the power and participation of women in public life, women's organizations, and labor market reform.

The historical background provided and comparison with other transition countries add a wider perspective to the studies. The innovative message of the book is that, contrary to popular belief and some populist media reporting, women share the fate of their male compatriots and fare as well (or as badly) as men in post-communist Central and Eastern Europe. But to achieve this, women have to endure much hitherto unrevealed hardship and strong adjustment pressure.

Written lucidly and with a non-technical approach, Women on the Polish Labor Market is of interest not only to policy-makers and researchers in the fields of sociology, economy, and women's studies, but also to the general reader. 

Chapter 1 
Women on the Labor Market: Poland's Second Great Transformation
Mike Ingham, Hilary Ingham and Henryk Domanski

Chapter 2
On the Appreciated Role of Women
Anna Titkow

Chapter 3
Gender and Labor Market Change: What Do the Official Statistics Show?
Mike Ingham and Hilary Ingham

Chapter 4 
Demographic and Labor Market Developments in the 1990s
Irena Kotowska

Chapter 5 
Social Mobility in Six East-European Nations
Henryk Domanski

Chapter 6 
Gender and Success in Life
Anna Firkowska--Mankiewicz

Chapter 7 
Stereotypes: Opinions of Female Entrepreneurs in Poland
Irena Reszke

Chapter 8 
Women’s Organizations in Poland
Ewa Malinowska

Chapter 9
The Participation and Power of Women in Public Life
Aleksandra Dukaczewska

Chapter 10 
Gender and Earnings: A Regional Approach
Mike Ingham and Grzegorz Weclawowicz

Chapter 11 
Agricultural Change and the Labor Market Status of Women
Krzysztof Gorlach

"Gender differences are shown to be pervasive and also to vary across other long extant and persisting dimensions of inequality such as territorial divisions of Poland, industries and branches of the economy, and city versus countryside. The volume shows features unique to Poland as well as those shared with other countries going through a similar transition from communism... the volume addresses some important questions about deep and unsettling changes..."