Unfinished Socialism

Pictures from the Kádár Era
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250 pages, 450 photographs

This extraordinary book provides a snapshot of communism throughout the Kádár regime in Hungary (1956-1989) and captures the reality of the world behind the 'iron curtain' in a stunning, and often stark, collection of photographs.

Unfinished Socialism is a visual anthropological study containing over 450 photographs, many previously unpublished, which portray life in Hungary from every angle: from the May Day March to pop music and from the homeless to sport.

With an introduction that will help the reader understand and appreciate the true meaning of the photographs, this political, social and cultural study of the Kádár years truly transports the reader back to a time of great significance in Hungary's long and turbulent history.


Chapter 1: After the revolution

Chapter 2: János Kádár

Chapter 3: Comrades

Chapter 4: The party calls

Chapter 5: Meetings

Chapter 6: Guardians of the Socialist Regime

Chapter 7: Heroes, role models and stars

Chapter 8: People

Chapter 9: Private rituals

Chapter 10: Scenes

Chapter 11: Situations

Chapter 12: Consumerism and shopping

Chapter 13: Before the transition

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Index of Names
Terminology and Institutions
Dailies and Periodicals

“The book is highly recommended for specialists and nonspecialists alike. It is a must for anyone curious about life in Eastern Europe under state socialism.”
"Unfinished Socialism is a fascinating examination of a period of history, a sociological study and also a lavish decoration for the coffee table."
"essential reading/viewing for anyone interested in the everyday life of Eastern European socialism."