A Twentieth-Century Prophet: Oscar Jászi 1875–1957

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580 pages

A fascinating look at a man, who fought for liberal ideals and for progress in Central Europe but was forced to spend the latter half of his life in America. Oscar Jászi was a historian, political theorist and sociologist, who dedicated his tremendous intellect to modern democracy in Hungary. Exiled from his homeland, Jászi's moral courage stood strong against the political tyranny and totalitarianism of the interwar period that nearly destroyed Hungary's political and social foundations. From his early years in Budapest to his later life as professor at Oberlin College in Ohio, he worked tirelessly for what he described as "a new moral, social, and economic synthesis is needed."

The life of Oscar Jászi represents one of the great triumphs of reason over violence, regardless of the defeat of his vision for a 'Danubian Federation,' and his subsequent exile. His vow to not be buried in an undemocratic Hungary was kept, and as his country emerged from the ruins of the Soviet block, his remains were transferred to Budapest in 1991, a symbol of his lasting philosophy and the spirit of his will.


Chapter 1 Early career

Chapter 2 Huszadik Század 

Chapter 3 Radicalism 

Chapter 4 Rifts and Alliances 

Chapter 5 Marriage and War 

Chapter 6 Before the Revolution 

Chapter 7 In the Revolution 

Chapter 8 The Commune and Exile 

Chapter 9 The Hungarian Newspaper of Vienna 

Chapter 10 Danubian Cultural Alliance 

Chapter 11 First Time in America 

Chapter 12 Back in Vienna 

Chapter 13 Betwixt Europe and America 

Chapter 14 Dissolution 

Chapter 15 Disputes Between Generations 

Chapter 16 American Citizen with a European Heart 

Chapter 17 War Germs 

Chapter 18The Second World War 

Chapter 19 Danubia-Old and New

Chapter 20 The Exile Cannot Return



"Serious students and scholars of 20th-century Hungarian intellectual and political history, as well as ethnic relations in central Europe, should be pleased with this biography. Summing up: Highly recommended"
"A meticulously researched, stimulating and elegantly presented story of Jászi's life that will no doubt remain the magnum opus of Jászi biographies for generations to come".
"For this biography, Litván was able to use additional personal documents and various archival resources for the first time. The result is a very detailed densely written book entirely centered on Jászi and based on an intimate knowledge of his life and personality"