Towards Better Reproductive Health in Eastern Europe

Concern, Commitment, and Change
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170 pages

Documenting the latest statistical data on current problems related to reproductive health issues in Central and Eastern Europe, this book explores the reasons for these problems and recommends action based on the scientific evidence for improving reproductive health.

The main issues covered in the book are: declining standards of reproductive health care; rising trends in the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases; low rates of use of modern contraceptives; high rates of induced abortion; high prevalence of infertility; and the needs of adolescents with regard to reproductive health.


Part 1: Reproductive health in Eastern Europe: an overview

Part 2: Can a process of quality assurance improve pregnancy outcome?

Part 3: The challenge of rising trends in the incidence of STDs in Eastern Europe

Part 4: Obstacles and opportunities in the development of adolescent reproductive health care

Part 5: Contraception

Part 6: How can the rates of induced abortion be reduced?

Part 7: Infertility in Eastern Europe

Part 8: Towards better reproductive health in Eastern Europe