The Three Cs of Higher Education

Competition, Collaboration and Complementarity
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The thirteen papers in this collection address three aspects of higher education, primarily in Europe but also in the United States. These aspects are competition, collaboration, and complementarity, both on the level of policy and on the practical level of impact on students and staff. Competition, especially for funding, occurs between and within institutions. Collaboration, more than a basic code of conduct, has become a political principle across Europe. Complementarity in the market for higher education facilitates this collaboration.

The themes and contexts in higher education for which the three Cs are examined include missions and identities, response to external forces, the impact of evaluation systems and ranking schemes, the effects of globalization, intercultural awareness, and gender imbalance, and the challenges of student participation. Statistical tables and visual aids support the analysis and arguments.

This book is the fifth in a series of publications drawn from the annual Forums of the European Association of Institutional Research (EAIR) from 2013 onwards.

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Introduction – James Williams

The Higher Education System: The 'Three Cs'

Policies and Values
1. Competition, Collaboration and Complementarity: Higher Education Policies in Europe – Frank Ziegele and Lisa Mordhorst
2. Current Challenges to Academic Freedom: Academic Capitalism and Neo-nationalism – Sheila Slaughter

Institutional Identity and Ownership
3. Investigating Organisational Identity in HEIs – Lise Degn
4. Gender Imbalance in Higher Education: A Comparison between Academic Positions, European Countries and Study Subjects – Caroline Friedhoff, Deborah Werner and John Roman

Rankings, Evaluation and their Impact on Academia
5. Do Classifications and Rankings Improve or Damage Institutions? – Victor M. H. Borden, Cynthia Cogswell and Fox Troilo
6. National Evaluation Systems and Universities' Strategic Capacities: Case Studies among European Universities – Laura Behrmann and Thorben Sembritzki

Student Experience and the 'Three Cs'
Recruiting and Managing Students
7. Searching for the Perfect Match: Evaluation of Personal Statements Using a Multi-method Approach – Julia Zeeh, Karl Ledermüller and Michaela Kobler-Weiß
8. "Learning to Fly": Higher Education Students' and Institutional Leaders' Perceptions of the Relevance of Institutional Support Mechanisms in their Integration Process – Marie Jose Sa, Teresa Carvalho and Maria Machado-Lourdes

Internationalisation and the Student
9. The Perceived Impact of Intercultural Awareness on Peer Interaction: Study of a UK University – Ming Cheng, Olalekan Adeban Adekola, Gayle Pringle Barnes and Linghui Tian
10. The Development of Intercultural Competencies During a Stay Abroad: Does Cultural Distance Matter? – Joris Boonen, Ankie Hoefnagels and Mark Pluymaekers

Engaging Student Diversity
11. Cultivating Voter Participation among First-generation College Students: The Relationship of Study Abroad Participation to Post-college Voting Behaviour – Radomir Ray Mitic

Encouraging Entrepreneurial Spirit among Students
12. Developing Students' Innovation Capacities: A Comparison between US and Germany – Benjamin S. Selznick, Lini Zhang, Matthew J. Mayhew, Carolin Bock and Daniel Dilmetz

Conclusion: The 'Three Cs' in Practice
13. The Virtues of Cooperation, Complementarity and Competition in Higher Education in Time of Crisis – Liviu Matei

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