Tell Your Life Story

Creating dialogue among Jews and Germans, Israelis and Palestinians
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258 pages

Describes Dan Bar-On's method of using storytelling as both a qualitative biographical research method and as an intervention, to bring people from opposite sides of an abyss to a dialogue. Such work needs slow pace and long-term commitment, with a special combination of a scientific rigorous analysis with a sensitive approach toward the people one approaches.
The book first surveys the author's earlier work in this field, in the Kibbutz, with families of Holocaust survivors and descendants of Nazi perpetrators, bringing the two groups together (the TRT group). However, most of the book is devoted to Bar-On's work with Palestinians, both Israeli-Palestinians and Palestinians from the PNA. Through three different settings (working at PRIME on developing a school textbook with two narratives; with refugees; at a University setting with a mixed students group; conducting interviews in Haifa) he describes the hardships of peace building 'under fire', but also the potential achievements of such work.



IntroductionMy Journey Through the Whirlwind 

Chapter 1 Developing a Methodology: Narratives and Stories 

Chapter 2 Reconstructing Narratives Out of Silence: Beginning a Dialogue Between Germans and Israelis

Chapter 3 PRIME: Peace-Building Efforts Under Fire

Chapter 4 Storytelling in the Israeli Jewish and Palestinian Context

Chapter 5 The Diverse Voices of Haifa

In Conclusion: Life's Rivers, Whirlwinds, and Whirlpools