Resolving International Conflicts

Liber Amicorum Tibor Várady
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While focusing on international private law and international arbitration, the essays also address the questions of constitutional law and legal philosophy. State-of-the-art contributions, covering a wide scope from the practical analysis of American arbitration policy and the position of the USA vis-à-vis international law, through the latest developments in German legal practice, to theoretical issues of jurisdiction. Especially rich is the volume in exploring the legal dimension of the European integration process.

These scholarly legal texts are dedicated to Tibor Várady, in honor of his seventieth birthday. Várady is Professor at the Legal Studies Department of the Central European University in Budapest, and Chairman of the International Business Law Program. Member of the Hague Permanent Court of Arbitration, Várady served as Minister of Justice of Serbia in 1992-1993.

Greeting from the Rector
Tibor Várady—Introduction

JOHN J. BARCELÓ: Expanded Judicial Review of Awards After Hall Street and in Comparative Perspective
DAVID J. BEDERMAN: Tibor Várady’s Advocacy Before the International Court of Justice
PETER BEHRENS: From “Real Seat” to “Legal Seat”: Germany’s Private International Company Law Revolution
LÁSZLÓ BURIÁN: The Impact of Community Law on the Determination of the Personal Law of Companies
RICHARD M. BUXBAUM: Public Law, Ordre Public and Arbitration: A Procedural Scenario and a Suggestion
RICHARD D. FREER: Forging American Arbitration Policy: Judicial Interpretation of the Federal Arbitration Act
GUY HAARSCHER: The Decline of Free Thinking
ATTILA HARMATHY: Questions of Arbitration and the Case Law of the European Court of Justice
PETER HAY: Recognition of a Recognition Judgment Within the European Union: “Double Exequatur” and the Public Policy Barrier
LÁSZLÓ KECSKÉS: European Union Legislation and Private International Law: A View from Hungary
JÁNOS KIS: Constitutional Democracy: Outline of a Defense
FERENC MÁDL: The European Dream and its Evolution in the Architecture of the Treaties of Integration
VLADIMIR PAVIĆ: ‘Non-Signatories’ and the Long Arm of Arbitral Jurisdiction
HANS-ERIC RASMUSSEN-BONNE: The Pendulum Swings Back: The Cooperative Approach of German Courts to International Service of Process
KURT SIEHR: Internationale Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit über Kulturgutstreitigkeiten
LAJOS VÉKÁS: About the Rome II Regulation: The European Unification of the Conflict Rules to Torts
JOHAN D. VAN DER VYVER: The United States and the Jurisprudence of International Tribunals

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