Privatization in Eastern Europe

Is the State Withering Away?
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240 pages

Widely regarded as the leading theoreticians of the privatization process, Professor Frydman and Rapaczynski trace the development of their thinking on privatization and its role in the transition to a market economy.  They explore the interplay between politics and economics and the delicate balance between evolution and design in the process of transition.  Their investigations deepen our understanding of the theory and practice of corporate ownership, and of private property and capitalism in general.

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Preface and Acknowledgements
Foreword by Edmund S. Phelps
1. Markets and Institutions in Large-Scale Privatization: An Approach to Economic and Social Transformation in Eastern Europe
2. Privatization and Corporate Governance: Can a Market Economy Be Designed?
3. Evolution and Design in the East European Transition
4. Corporate Control and Financial Reform
5. Insiders and the State
6. Ambiguity of Privatization and the Paths of Transition to a Private Property Regime 

"This volume will establish Frydman and Rapaczynski as the leading theoreticians of the transition... to capitalism."
"Their judgement is balanced, the descriptions are well calibrated."