Prague Tales

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Translated by Michael Henry Heim, with an introduction by Ivan Klima
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368 pages

Prague Tales is a collection of Jan Neruda's intimate, wry, bittersweet stories of life among the inhabitants of the Little Quarter of nineteenth-century Prague. These finely tuned and varied vignettes established Neruda as the quintessential Czech nineteenth-century realist, the Charles Dickens of a Prague becoming ever more aware of itself as a Czech rather than an Austrian city.

Prague Tales is a classic by a writer whose influence has been acknowledged by generations of Czech writers, including Ivan Klíma, who contributes an introduction to this new translation.

Introduction by Ivan Klíma

A Week in a Quiet House

  • In Night Clothes
  • Most of the House Begins to Stir
  • At Home with the Landlord
  • A Lyrical Monologue
  • Bachelorhood is Bliss
  • A Manuscript and a Storm Cloud
  • Fragments from the Notes of a Scrivener
  • At the Funeral
  • Further Proof of the Pudding
  • In a Moment of Agitation
  • A First Attempt at Fiction
  • Five Minutes after the Recital
  • After the Draw
  • A Happy Family
  • The Week Draws to a Close

Mr Ryšánek and Mr Schlegel

A Beggar Brought to Ruin

The Tender Heart of Mrs Rus

Evening Chitchat

Doctor Spoiler

The Water Sprite

How Mr Vorel Broke in His Meerschaum

The Three Lilies

The St Wenceslas Mass

How It Came to Pass

Written This Year on All Souls’ Day



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