The Paradoxes of Unintended Consequences

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This volume of essays is dedicated to George Soros in honor of his seventieth birthday. The authors come from the different but intersecting worlds of academia, politics and business.

The editors have chosen the title The Paradoxes of Unintended Consequences to encourage the contributors to adopt a dialogue-oriented approach and in reference to the example of Giordano Bruno, who was burnt at the stake 400 years ago for holding heretic views which were probably far more backward than the views of those condemning him.

The idea behind this approach was that any complex social process or political attempt to change the lives of people will have unintended consequences, usually paradoxical ones. These consequences should force us to reconsider our original theory.

The volume also contains a short biography of George Soros and a list of his published works and philanthropic initiatives.

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Preface. Yehuda Elkana

I The Political Dimension

1 Man of the Year. Bronisŀav Geremek
2 Hungary and the Open Society. Göncz Árpád
3 Travel Notes of an Eastern European in America. Andrei Pleşu

II The Social–Intellectual Dimension

4 The Strange (Re)Discovery of Corruption. Ivan Krastev
5 Music and Freedom: A Polemical History. Leon Botstein
6 Democracy in a Non-Democratic Society. Edmund Mokrzycki
7 Boors and Angels. Adam Michnik
8 Moral Universalism and the Nation State. Kis János

III The Legal Dimension

9 Human Rights and Sovereignty. Aryeh Neier
10 The Constitutional Honeymoon Is Over. The Paradoxes of Post-Communist Constitution Making. Wiktor Osiatynski
11 Affordable Shame. András Sajó

IV The Economic Dimension

12 Hidden in an Envelope: Gratitude Payments to Medical Doctors in Hungary.
János Kornai
13 What Could the West Have Done to Help the East? Anders Åslund
14 Financial Crises, Exchange Rate Arrangements, and the IMF. Rudiger Dornbusch

V The Historical Dimension

15 Medieval Central Europe: An Invention or a Discovery. Gábor Klaniczay
16 The Marginality of Totalitarianism. Alfred J. Rieber
17 The-Self-Not-Fulfilling Prophecy. István Rév
18 Exile and Emigration. The Strange Survival of “German Culture”. Wolf Lepenies

VI The Philosophical Dimension

19 Science and an Open Society: Is the Scientific Community a Genuinely Open One?
W. H. Newton-Smith
20 Giordano Bruno Nolanus: Authoritarian Sage and Martyr for Free Speech. Rivka Feldhay
21 Art History at the Crossroads. Hans Belting
22 Pornography and the Repressive Function. Henry Krips
23 Unexpected Consequences: Porfolio Screening and the Ethics of Trading. Mark Johnston

Biography of George Soros
Works by George Soros
Op-Eds and Essays
George Soros’s Philanthtropic Initiatives (including foundations and programs)
List of Contributors