Modern Hungarian Society in the Making

The Unfinished Experience
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Modern Hungarian Society in the Making illuminates the problems connected with Hungary's transition to a civil society—one of the most vital issues in contemporary Central and East European social and political thought.

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Part One Towards a civil society
l The Making of Modem Hungary
2 Industrial Development in the Eyes of Opposition Reformers of the l840s
3 The Emergence of Bourgeois Thought: Arguments in Favour of the Polish Uprising at the Hungarian Diet of 1832-6
4 Count Széchenyi and the Conflicts of Modemity
5 Liberalism, 1830-67: Reformer Roles and Social Awareness
6 Politics and National Minorities, 1848-9

Part Two The emergence of civil society at the crossroads of liberalism and conservatism
7 Mamelukes and Zoltans: Elected Representatives under the Dual Monarchy 
8 The Two Houses of Parliament: History of a Changing Atmosphere 
9 Liberalism, Conservatism and Political Legitimacy under the Dual Monarchy 
10 Liberals, Anti-Semites and Jews at the Birth of Modem Hungary 

Part Three National consciousness and the making of cults
11 The Millennium Monument
12 A Hungarian Cult: Queen Elisabeth of Bavaria
13 March the Fifteenth

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