The Man of Many Devices, Who Wandered Full Many Ways

Festschrift in Honor of János M. Bak
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714 pages

More than sixty friends and colleagues pay tribute to the distinguished professor János Bak's 70th birthday. Notable contributors from many countries dedicate previously unpublished essays and articles in this celebratory Festschrift.

Reflecting the intellectual calibre of János Bak, scholars not only of medieval history, but also from the fields of modern history, philosophy, linguistics, art history and political science provide a broad range of perspectives on a wide range of disciplinary areas thus allowing a wide readership audience.

Containing over 700 pages, most articles are published in English with a few exceptions in German and French to reflect the true international character of the Festschrift.

Tabula Gratulatoria

András Biró Baksi
György Litván Finding (and losing?) the right path together (1945-48)
András B. Hegedűs "Dorange": A story of solidarity
Péter Kende The Imre Nagy Institute in Brussels. A letter of sorts to János Bak
Mihály Vajda Bak - as I see him

Ernő Marosi Kunsthistorische Bemerkungen zur Vision des heiligen Gerhard/Gellért
Nancy van Deusen Byzantium and the West: Music as a cultural betrayer 
Béla Zsolt Szakács The Holy Father and the evils, or could the Hungarian Angevin Legendary have been ordered for a pope? 
Gerhard Jaritz "Young, Rich and BeautifuI." The visualization of male bea ut y in the late Middie Ages 

John C. Parsons Violence and the queen's body: Medieval consorts, statecraft, and disorder in twelfth-century France 
Piotr Górecki Violence and the social order in a medieval society: The evidence from the
Henryków region, ca. 1150-ca. 1300 
Hanna Zaremska Le Juif au tribunal: Cracovie, XVeme siecle 
Gábor Klaniczay Images and designations for rebellious peasants in late medieval Hungary
Ferdinand Seibt Utopia and Reformation in Central Europe 

Bernhard Schimmelpfennig Die Geburt Jesu, der Kaiser Augustus und die Sibylle von Tivoli 
Marianne Sághy The adventus of Constantius II to Rome 357 A. D. 
Hanna Kassis A glimpse of openness in medieval society: Al-I:Iakam II of Córdoba and his non-Muslim collaborators
Maria, Dobozy Exeat Aula? Rulership in Gottfried von Strassburg's Tristan
Richard A. Jackson The livres bleu and rouge. Two coronation manuscripts in the cathedral of Reims 
Anna Brzezilíska Female control of dynastic politics in sixteenth-century Poland 

István Perczel Mankind's common inteIIectual substance: A study in the letters of Saint Antony and his Life by Saint Athanasius 
Ihor Sevcenko Constantine-CyriI, apostle of the Slavs, as "Bibliothecary," or how Byzantine was the author of Constantine's Vita? 
Anna Kuznetsova St. Stephen of Perm: Missionary and popular saint 
Ryszard Grzesik Die Ungarnmission des hl. Adalberts 
Neven Budak Was the cult of Saint Bartholomew a royal optio n in early medieval Croatia? 
Mary Beth L. Davis "Spekyn for Goddys Cawse": Margery Kempe and the seven spiritual works of mercy 

Janet L. Nelson Feast, games, and inversions: Reflections on The Ups and Downs of St. Gall
Giedré Mickünaité A medieval parade? 
Anu Mand Signs of power and signs of hospitality: The festive entries of the Ordensmeister into late medieval Reval 
Richard W. Unger Beer in Eastern Europe in the MiddIe Ages 
Ludolf Kuchenbuch Kerbhölzer in Alteuropa - Zwischen Dorfschmiede und Schatzamt 
Vera Bácskai Housing in eighteenth-century Hungarian cities 

Aaron Ya. Gureuich A gif t awaits an answer. A page from the cultural history of society 
Susan Reynolds Carolingian elopements as a sidelight on counts and vassals 
Balázs Nagy Transcontinental trade from East-Central Europe to western Europe (fourteenth and fifteenth centuries) 
Felicitas Schmieder Enerny, obstacle, aIIy? The Greek in western crusade proposals (1274-1311) 
György Gere'by Eternal aIIegiances. Duns Scotus' place in the debate ab out the possibility of an eternaIly created world 
Henrik Birnbaum The vernacular languages of East Central Europe in the medieval period 
Paul E. Szarmach A preface, mainly textual, to Alcuin's De Ratione Animae
Pál Engel Erbteilung und Familienbildung 
Martyn Rady The filial quarter and female inheritance in medieval Hungarian law 
József Laszlovszky Field systems in medieval Hungary 
Katalin Szende Was there a bourgeoisie in medieval Hungary? 
Herwig Wolfram Die ungarische Politik Konrads II. 
László Veszprémy Dux et praeceptor Hierosoliminatorum. König Ladislaus (László) als imaginarer Kreuzritter 
László Koszta Die Domkapitel und ih re Domherren bis Anfang des 12. Jahrhunderts in Ungarn 
James Ross Sweeney Summa Potestas Post Deum-Papal Dilectio and Hungarian Devotio in the reign of Innocent III 
Marianna D. Birnbaum The mantIe of Béla IV 
Sergey A. Ivanov Hungarians in an anonymous Byzantine geographical treatise 
Zsolt Hunyadi The Knights of St. John and the Hungarian private legal literacy up to the mid-fourteenth century 
Damir Karbié Defining the position of Croatia du ring the restoration of royal power (1345-1361) 
István Petrovics The fading glory of a forrner royal seat: The case of medieval Temesvár 
Gábor Virágos A history of the Cyko family of Pomáz 
Szabolcs de Vajay Un ambassadeur bien choisi: Bernardinus de Frangipanus et sa mission a Naples, en 1476 
András Kubinyi István Werbőczy als politiker vor Mohács (1526) 
Marcell Sebők Sebastian Thököly and his sensibility towards religious questions 
Éva H. Balázs La bibliotheque de Gergely Berzeviczy 
Béla Király The "battIe" of Nagykovácsi. A personal memoir reconfirmed by the enemy 

Elizabeth A. R. Brown My ths chasing my ths: The legend of the Trojan origin of the French and its dismantling 
Kido Takeshi The reign of Henry IV of England, 1399-1413. A century of historical research and writing 
Jan M. Piskorski The historiography of the so-caIIed "east colonisation" and the current state of research 
Leslie S. Domonkos The survival of medieval traditions at early American coIIeges to ca. 1800 
Gottfried Schramm Das Beispiel Ungarn im standischen Osteuropa 
László Péter C. A. Macartney's studies on early Hungarian history 
George Schöpflin Englishness between class and ethnicity 

Bibliography of the works of János M. Bak 
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