Leadership in the Time of Covid

Pandemic Responses in Central Europe
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The Covid pandemic has put all modern societies to a serious test of resilience. The interdisciplinary research on which this book is based examined how four European governments behaved in these circumstances. During the months of the crisis, the team of experts coordinated by the editors of this volume took a close look at the decision-making processes in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia – the so-called Visegrad Four.

The inquiries focused on experiences from the academic, health, economic and social fields. The methods of comparison included surveys, interviews, discourse analysis, for which the adaptive leadership theory provided the conceptual framework.

The conclusions are both academic and practical. Aside the description of the pandemic responses, the research had a formative dimension: how can an adaptive leadership approach better help societies manage the health and societal impacts of similar challenges? The spectrum of emerging anti-democratic tendencies in the region provided the specific context of the exercise. The four states face varying degrees of democratic backsliding as well as illiberal influences that have affected their response to the pandemic, which gives this research on the Visegrad Four a worldwide resonance.

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Joshua Hayden, George Hays II, and Milada Polišenská

Leadership Framework
Chapter Outline

CHAPTER 1 – The Czech Republic: The “Best in Covid”
Joshua Hayden, George Hays II, and Milada Polišenská

The Czech Case
Survey: Czech Covid Leadership Response Questionnaire
Discussion and Conclusion
Appendix CZ 1: Czech Covid Leadership Response Questionnaire
Appendix CZ 2: Covid Pandemic Leadership Open-ended Comments

CHAPTER 2 – Slovakia: In the Shadow of Sputnik
Nikoleta Jakuš Muthová and Mária Murray Svidroňová

The Slovak Case
Opinion Polls: Analysis of Slovak Public Opinion During Covid-19
Appendix SK 1 - Overview of selected events

CHAPTER 3 – Poland: A Two Front Battle
Izabella Łęcka, Weronika Michalska, and Tomasz Ochinowski

Sources of Data and Background
The Polish Case
Interview: The Attitude of Entrepreneurs in Poland During the First Wave of the Covid-19 Pandemic and After the Adoption of the Vaccine
Discussion and Conclusion
Appendix PL 1. Questionnaire intended for the first and second stage of the study

CHAPTER 4 – Hungary: The Enemy is Everywhere
Tamás Tóth and Anna Ujlaki

The Hungarian Case
Discourse Analysis: The Communication Style of Viktor Orbán in the Epidemic
Discussion and Conclusion

CHAPTER 5 – Conclusion: Following the Leader
Joshua Hayden, George Hays II, and Milada Polišenská

Adaptive Leadership and Democracy

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“The long awaited first systematic and comparative study of leadership in Central Europe informs us about the importance of resilient and functioning institutions.”
“This volume provides authentic testimony and cogent analysis of COVID-19 in Central Europe. It presents a vibrant mosaic of personal evidence, historical analyses, empirical studies, and comprehensive conclusions. Advocating for adaptive leadership, it documents various mistakes made in the attempts to control the pandemic. It comes highly recommended, regardless of whether your interest lies in medicine or administration.”