Key Concepts of Romanian History

Alternative Approaches to Socio-Political Languages
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The theoretical analyses and interpretations contained in the studies of this volume focus on key-concepts such as: politics, politician, democracy, Europe, liberalism, constitution, property, progress, kinship, nation, national character and specificity, homeland, patriotism, education, totalitarianism, democracy, democratic, democratization, transition. The essays unveil specific aspects belonging to Romania’s past and present. They also offer alternative perspectives on the Romanian culture through the relationship between the elite and society, and novel reflections on the delayed and unfinished modernization processes within the society and the state. The editors articulate the results coming from various sciences, such as history, linguistics, sociology, political sciences, and philosophy with the aim that the past and present profiles of Romania are better understood.

Preface to the English edition (Victor Neumann, Armin Heinen)

Foreword (Victor Neumann, Armin Heinen)

Is Rewriting Romanian History Useful? The Evolution of Socio-Political Concepts and Alternative Interpretations (Victor Neumann)

On the Process of Writing the History of Romania: Methodological Issues (Armin Heinen)

Some Reflections on Historical Semantics, Political Modernity and Romanian History (1780–1939) (Alexandre Escudier)

The Concept of Patriotism in Romanian Culture (Klaus Bochmann)

Romanian Liberalism (1821–1866) (Keith Hitchins)

Democracy, Democratic, Democratization (Wim van Meurs)

The Concept of Progress: The Fraught Relation between Liberalism and State Intervention (Angela Harre)

The Concept of Property in Romania’s Economic-Legal History (Dietmar Müller)

The Notion of Europe from the Perspective of Romanian Historical Studies (Hans Christian Maner)

Images of Europe – Images of Romania (1945/1948–2008) (Armin Heinen)

The Concept of Constitution in the History of Romanian Legal Thought (Edda Binder Iijima)

The Concept of National Style in Artistic Historiography. Asserting a Critical Vocabulary (Ruxandra Demetrescu)

The Conceptualization of National Character in the Romanian Intellectual Tradition (Balázs Trencsényi)

Neam (Romanian for Kin) and Popor (Romanian for People): The Notions of Romanian Ethno-Centrism (Victor Neumann)

The Concept of Totalitarianism in Romanian Socio-Political Languages (Victor Neumann)

Transition, Transitions: The Conceptualization of Change in Romanian Culture (Mirela-Luminiţa Murgescu, Bogdan Murgescu)

The History of Politics as a Dispute around the Concepts of Politics, Statesman, Political Person, Politician (Armin Heinen)

Summary – Key-Concepts of Romanian History. Alternative Approaches to Socio-Political Languages (Victor Neumann, Armin Heinen)

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