Between Divine Message and History
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206 pages

Why this book? What can it add to the many works that have already explored Islam as a history, a doctrine, a law, and a code of ethics? The bulk of Islamic thought nowadays is either a repetition of and rumination about what the ancients have already said, or the tackling of partial issues that falls short of a comprehensive view and a theoretical framework. All too often ideology replaces real knowledge.

This work attempts to introduce the characteristics of the Mohammedan Mission, with the aspiration to be faithful to its essential purposes and to historical truth at the same time. The author thus illustrates the different ways in which people have understood the Mission and the reasons that led them to those various interpretations. The book presents several alternative interpretations that actually existed but did not enjoy widespread acceptance and popularity.


Part One
Chapter One The Theoretical and Historical Background
Chapter Two The Mohammedan Mission
Chapter Three The Characteristics of the Mohammedan Mission
Chapter Four The Issue of Legislation (Tashric)
Chapter Five The Seal of Prophecy

Part Two
Introduction to Part Two The Mission in History
Chapter Six The Prophet’s Caliphate
Chapter Seven Institutionalizing Religion
Chapter Eight Theorizing for the Institution