Government and Politics in Hungary

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350 pages, 60 Tables, 7 Charts

Based on unprecedented access to information, Government and Politics in Hungary provides not only a historical overview but also an analysis of the main political actors, constitution, electoral system, parliament and political parties of Hungary.

This timely and detailed analysis contains a wealth of important data which serves two major objectives. The first is to survey the most important institutions of the political and governmental systems and the cultural and behavioural characteristics of Hungarian politics. The second, is to provide the reader with a clear understanding of the two-way relationship between cultural-behavioural and constitutional-institutional levels of politics in Hungary.

The book challenges many stereotypes of post-communist political literature and reveals why Hungarian politics does not fit into many of the generalizations and 'pigeon holes' of contemporary political science.




Part 1: Political culture

 Part 2: The parties 

Part 3: The party system

Part 4: Political cleavages 

Part 5: Political elites 

Part 6: Electoral behaviour 

Part 7: Electoral system and elections 

Part 8: Economic interest groups 

Part 9: Constitutional & governmental system 

Part 10: The government 

Part 11: Governmental decision-making and control over administration 

Part 12: The parliament 

Part 13: The constitutional court 

Part 14: The head of state Conclusion References

"...die detaillierte Systematik und der tiefe Einblick in die ungarische Poltik und ihre Institutionen, den die Arbeit von Korosenyi gewahrt, diese dazu predestiniert, den Status eines Standardwerkes zum politischen System Ungarns einzunehmen."
"[Körösényi] gives the reader an extremely competent analysis of the fuctioning of government, parliament and the constitutional court."