Foreword to the Past

A Cultural History of the Baltic People
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350 pages

Over time at least four meanings have been attributed to the term 'Baltic' - drawing on thirty years of extensive research, Foreword to the Past is the first modern introduction to the enigma of the Baltic origins and the self-identification of the Baltic people.

The book is divided into three distinctive parts: the first part recounts the history of the Baltic peoples relying on archaeological sources; the second part provides an objective linguistic history and a description of the Baltic languages; the third part provides an original and fresh insight into mythology in the ancient history of the Baltic peoples.

With its helpful maps and figures, Foreword to the Past is an un-paralleled and original cultural exploration of the Baltic people.


Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: The Baltic tribes and peoples

Part 3: Baltic languages and dialects

Part 4: Baltic mythology

Part 5: Conclusion

"It will supersede all that has been written in English on the roots of Lithuanian, Latvian and Old Prussian ethnicity, culture and religion"
"[This book] will aid future scholars working in the field."
"Bojtár's colleagues in comparative and Baltic philology will greet the volume with appreciation, and perhaps slight envy as well."