Extending the Borders of Russian History

Essays in Honor of Alfred J. Rieber
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Leading authority in Russian history, Alfred J. Rieber taught at leading US universities before joining Central European University.

Eminent historians and social scientists, Boris A. Anan'ich, Peter Gatrell, Wendy Zeva Goldman, Leopold H. Haimson, Moshe Lewin, Nicholas V. Riasanovsky, William G. Rosenberg, Richard S. Wortman, to name a few - cover several centuries of Russian and Soviet history in this rich collection of essays. The range and high quality of the contributions reflect the broadening of social and cultural directions that has characterized 'new history'; issues of the Russian borderland, especially Ukraine, the Caucasus and Central Asia, receive a prominent treatment as a key part of Russian and Soviet history. Too, studies in this volume show sensitivity to the multicultural nature of Russian society and culture.

Part 1: Narrating Russia

Part 2: Imperial Russia: A Multicultural Society and its Borderlands

Part 3: The Revolutionary Decade

Part 4: The Soviet Experience

Part 5: Persistent Factors in Russian History