A Bibliography of East European Travel Writing on Europe

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The bibliography volume of the three-volume East Looks West: East European Travel Writing in Europe collates travel writing published in book form by east Europeans travelling in Europe from ca. 1550 to 2000. It is intended as a fundamental research tool, collecting together travel writings within each national/linguistic tradition, and enabling comparative analysis of such material. It fills an important gap in the existing reference literature, both in western and east European languages, and will be of use to those working in the growing fields of comparative travel writing, regional and national identities, and postcolonialism.

These texts exist in surprisingly large numbers, and include writings of high literary quality as well as of historical interest, but they have been relatively little studied as a genre. Much of this material is rare and difficult to find, even in national libraries. As a result, there are few bibliographical surveys of the literature of east European travel and self-representation, and none that are region-wide or comparative in scope.

This is the third volume of a three-part set of East Looks West. Vol. 1. Orientations. An Anthology of East European Travel Writing on Europe. Vol. 2. Undern Eastern Eyes. A Comparative Introduction to East European Travel Writing on Europe.


1. Albanian
Rigels Halili, Enkelejda Shtjefni, Enkelena Qafleshi

2. Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Serbo-Croatian
Wendy Bracewell

3. Bulgarian
Diana Atanassova

4. Czech
David Chirico, Daniel Řehák

5. Greek
Annita Panaretou, Maria Kostaridou

6. Hebrew and Yiddish
Mikhail Kizilov

7. Hungarian
Zsuzsanna Varga

8. Macedonian
Zora Kostadinova, Igor Daniloviќ

9. Romanian
Alex Drace-Francis

10. Polish
Kate Wilson, Karin Friedrich

11. Slovak
Michal Sojka

12. Slovene
Barbara Vodopivec

13. Ukrainian
Vladislava Reznik

14. Languages of International Circulation
Wendy Bracewell, Alex Drace-Francis

15. Travel Accounts of Europe: An Auxiliary Bibliography
Alex Drace-Francis

Index of itineraries

Index of translations

"Western travel accounts have long been an important source for the study of East European history. As the editors of this volume note, far less systematic work has been done on Eastern European accounts of the West. This volume represents an important step toward addressing that problem. It is one volume in a larger study entitled East Looks West, issued by Central European University Press, so typical of the pathbreaking work that that publisher does for East European studies. Every library providing serious coverage of East European studies, and many libraries dealing with European studies in general, will want to acquire this title."
"An important contribution to European studies conceived in the broadest possible sense. They should find room in university and personal libraries next to other recent efforts to write and map the literary and cultural histories of Central and Eastern Europe."
"The first comprehensive survey of this kind. It likewise comprises travelogues produced by writers from the region in ‘languages of international circulation, such as Latin, French, Italian, English, and Russian’, travel letters and foreign reportage. The book is the result of the collective efforts of the editors and, for the most part, of scholars from different parts of Eastern Europe, and this is duly acknowledged in the closing section of its Introduction."