Be Faithful Unto Death

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Translated and with an introduction by Stephen Vizinczey
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332 pages

Be Faithful unto Death is the moving story of a bright and sensitive schoolboy growing up in an old-established boarding school in the city of Debrecen in eastern Hungary. Misi, a dreamer and would-be writer, is falsely accused of stealing a winning lottery ticket. The torments through which he goes – and grows – are superbly described.

The novel is brimming with vivid detail from the provincial life that Móricz knew so well and shot through with a sense of the tragic fate of a newly truncated Hungary.


"Be Faithful Unto Death" is a classic in Hungary; nearly every Hungarian has read it. A foreigner wanting to understand the Hungarian psyche would be well-advised to read it as well. The contemporary Hungarian attitude is quintessentially distilled in this novel. One of the finest depictions of of child's coming of age that I have ever read. The book should not be taken as indicative of Hungarian mentality, but it does reflect the tragic tone of the Hungarian society at the time the book was written: just after World War One. I love Moricz`s style, and the way he captures the fragility of our existence. A great book."
“It is impossible to read this book without recovering something of the intensity of one's own childhood emotions.”