New Toolkit for Opening the Future project now available

August 18, 2022

CEU Press is leading the way with the new Opening the Future  business model that makes it possible for libraries to collectively support making many of our monographs open access. We’ve been fortunate in being supported by the COPIM project and have now produced a toolkit prepared by Martin Paul Eve, Frances Pinter, Emily Poznanski and Tom Grady. In it we show how to implement an equitable revenue model of open access monographs that does not rely on authors finding money to pay for book processing charges (BPCs).

The toolkit explains how the model works and provides guidance on financial modelling, scenario planning, building organisational partnerships, marketing and outreach and everything that we now know about workflow, delivery and technical infrastructures.

Since launching the Opening the Future project last year Liverpool University Press has joined in piloting the model and other small university presses are planning to follow.